1. Point to Point Query

The basic function of this demo is to retrieve the shortest distance between two points in the USA road network using our ASDO. To specify the source and destination, you can While obtain the shortest distance using our ASDO, we also offer the Euclidean distance, Google Maps Distance from Google Maps API, and the true network distance computed by the Contraction Hierarchies (CH) method. Note that the road network data we used is from the 9th DIMACS Implementation Challenge. Thus some road edges may be missing.

2. Distance Matrix Query

The right side bar is for ASDO analytical API. Here we support two basic API, Distance Matrix and One-to-Many. In order to use these two API, you need to upload your location tables first. The location table can be either source locations or destination locations. For example, you can upload one file including a lot of restaurants' locations. Each row in this file represents one restaurant only including its id, latitude, and longitude with delimiter space such as

1 37.474 -98.041
2 36.279 -94.658
3 ... ...

After successfully upload your location table, we will create a table in our database to store your locations. By defauly, the table in our database is your file's name without the suffix of the file'type. Thus, in the above example, we will create a table named "restaurant" storing the three location points.

Next, you can use the Distance Maxtrix to compute the network distances between two location tables; or use the One-to-Many to compute the network distances between ont point (you specified) and a location table. All results will return in a JSON file.

To be continued.